I desire to develop, disciple and deploy individuals in the profession of Law Enforcement to become intentional and strategic in their walk with Jesus Christ. I truly believe that God has equipped and trained me to be a valuable resource for law enforcement.  I also believe this is God’s calling on my life to become a full time missionary to all who serve in the community of Law Enforcement.


Chaplaincy is a Ministry of Presence

Chaplain Scotty Davis has 15 years of service in law enforcement chaplaincy. He has dealt with many very difficult and life changing issues that police must deal with in order to do their job. To be there, to be ready when called on to minister to the those who stand between the good and evil in our world is what he is called to do. 



A Counselor for a Special Need

Dr. Scotty Davis completed his Doctoral Project in 2008 in the area of Biblical Counseling. His project concerning the use of deadly force by law enforcement was presented to the Cobb County Police Department. 



Making Disciples in Law Enforcement

The Great Commission is very clear. The charge is to "Make Disciples." Scotty teaches in a variety of settings. The Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Chaplains, local city departments, and even International Police training are all a part of Mission Team Inc.